[Solved] How can I get Taxes to show on POS screen?

When I am using the POS screen for a retail store environment, the screen only shows the Grand Total at the bottom of the list of items in the cart.

I know that it ‘can’ also show a rounded total if you have that switch set, but that is not what I am looking for at this time.

I also know that the total of the taxes is known to the POS module because the Grand Total includes the the total of the applicable taxes in the number it displays.

So, what I want to know is how can I get that tax total to display on the POS screen along with the Grand Total?

Any ideas? (BTW… I am using v10 production)


You can customise the “Print Format” for POS Invoice, and add whichever fields you prefer.

There’s some nice/useful tips in this post

kolate_sambhaji has also created some useful formatting posts on his blog here

Ummm… No.

Not at all what I am looking for. I know how to get stuff onto my printer receipts. I want to know how to get the taxes to display on the POS SCREEN!!!

(See Screenshot)

Can anyone point out where to add this?


Oops. Sorry - totally misunderstood you.

Hey @BKM - I discovered that if you click on the words “Grand Total”, the tax items expand/show. I guess that means you could just set that to always-on (but i don’t know how to do that - it’s probably a vue.js edit of sorts) and you’d have what you need

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Wow!! Great find Trent!

Now can anyone point me to where that is in the code so I can work on setting it that way permanently for my install?


I’d make a wild and uneducated guess at

line 786 has class of text-muted??

	get_taxes_and_totals() {
		return `
			<div class="list-item">
				<div class="list-item__content list-item__content--flex-2 text-muted">${__('Net Total')}</div>
				<div class="list-item__content net-total">0.00</div>
			<div class="list-item">
				<div class="list-item__content list-item__content--flex-2 text-muted">${__('Taxes')}</div>
				<div class="list-item__content taxes">0.00</div>

Awesome again!! You are firing on all cylinders today.

That will put me in the right place to begin experimenting.

Thanks again! :heart_eyes:



Thanks for the pointer to the code. I tried clicking on the words “Grand Total” on my tablet and found that it worked but the numeric touch keypad got pushed off the edge of the screen.

So, for now, touching the words grand total is the best answer because when you need to access the keypad again to complete the sale you can just touch the same Grand Total words to collapse the net total and taxes section and the keypad comes back on screen on a tablet.

That is why I checked the first answer as the correct one (for me).

I will still experiment with setting that to an always on condition for some of my sites that use touch screen windows computers because they will still be able to see the keypad.

Thanks again!


Though I know roughly diddly-squat about proper programming etc, I think it might be possible to tune/adjust the screen width, font, or text-wrapping options to get more usable space - now I just have to learn how that works.
I don’t need (as an example) the Grand Total as well as rounded total, which might free up a small amount of screen space.
I am also keen to show the POS items table inclusive of taxes instead of exclusive - but have no idea how to achieve that either

You and me both :laughing::rofl:

That was exactly what I was thinking. I already have the switch in the global settings for rounded total turned off so I was just going to try to take over that space with the Grand Total and add the taxes line in place of the old space for grand total.

But for now, I can still get what I need with the extra click step.


By the logic of our show/hide class - do think it’d break things to set Rounded/Grand to text-muted and steal back a line of screen space? or is this just foolish and unsustainable

I thought I would eliminate (completely edit out) the path to turning off the rounded total, thus rendering the switch in global settings useless and ineffective.

Then I would go about copy and paste the location and get functions of the code for Grand total into the space that was rounded total.

And finally edit the function that sums the grand total and displays it to only sum the taxes and charges and display that value instead (and of course change the text of the field to “Taxes”

The only problem I see, is that I would now also have to work out how to disable the magic click function you found first so it didn’t also mess things up.

And now when I sit back al look at all of that, it may just be better to teach the cashier how to click on the Grand Total words when they need the info. :grin:


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