[Solved] How can I make "Emailed" Sales Invoices (PDF) use my custom Print Format?

(Running ERPNext v10 --production on live production server)

In order to better meet my customers needs I had a custom Print Format created for my sales invoices and I have it selected in all of my POS profiles so the invoices print correctly. My customers are happy with this.

However, when one of my users selects to Email the customer their invoice, the email arrives with the old default print format.

When I go to “Print Settings” and try to change the layout there are only 3 choices:

  • Classic
  • Monochrome
  • Modern

The system defaults to Modern which looks like the original default sales invoice that was active when the system was first installed.

Since my custom print format re-arranges the data to get more on a single page, it is much preferred by my customers. So, I want to be able to have the emailing of sales invoices to use my preferred format.

It is not very professional looking to be emailing my customer one type of Sales Invoice and handing them a very different one at the point of sale, so I need a way to fix this.

Is there a way for me to do this?


Just go to the Sales Invoice doctype in Setup>doctype. You’ll be able to set the default print format right there. Set it to whatever you created and that’s it.

Nope… Couldn’t find anything there for setting the default print format.

And even if it were there, how would that alter the PDF creation that gets automatically attached to an email from that doc type?

The problem I have is not related to how something “prints”. The printing of the sales invoice is already taken care of by specifying the new custom print format in the POS Profile.

The problem is when the user selects to email that sales invoice to the customer (at customer request). There is no place for me to select the custom print format to be used to make the PDF file that gets attached to the email.

After a sales invoice is generated and submitted, the user re-opens the completed sales invoice and uses the “Menu” button to select “Email” and then fill in the email address of the customer and click send.

The problem is the format of the sales invoice that is attached to that email is nothing like the one the sales user printed out for the client and I cannot find a way to tell the system to use my custom sales invoice print format as the source for generating the PDF that is attached to the email.

Anyone have a clue where I might find a way to fix this?


Yes, you select it at the bottom of the email page where it says select print format.


Ugh !!! (BKM slaps forehead) :astonished::exploding_head:

I have been using and implementing ERPNext for a few years and have never realized there was anything below the message box. Never scrolled down. Never had a clue.

Ok… a thoroughly embarrassed implementer here is grateful to @charlie-cook for pointing out the obvious to me where I had always missed it.

A heart felt Thank You! You were gracious enough to point this out, so I will be humble enough to admit my embarrassing mistake. :grin:


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I guess the only thing left to do now is find a way to force my custom print format to be defaulted in the email.


cusstomize sales invoice, you will see a field to set default print format

Glad you got it figured out! I’m still learning things every day too! :slight_smile: