**Solved**How can I tell what version will be installed if I run the install.py for production?

Since I am now attempting to work with the newer v11 for my newer clients, I would like to be able to find the version of ERPNext and Frappe that would be installed if I run the Easy Install script for a production server.

Without having to install the program and then look at the version info, where can I find this information ahead of time?



Check GitHub. You always get the latest master when you choose production.

Yeah… I know you always get the latest version when you choose to install production.

The problem is that I don’t know how or where to find out that version number BEFORE the installation. That is what I am asking about here.

Is there a place in GitHub that tells you what the version will be if you run the install.py --production?


As a rule, I don’t know nuthin’…, but does this page answer your question? Releases · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Perfect!! Thank you.