[Solved] How do I make a tenant site a "Manufacturing" domain? No mfg modules get installed

Well, I have used the DNS Multitenant instructions to setup a second site and then used another web browser to log into it with the new administrator credentials. The “Setup Wizard” that runs after the the admin login never asks about a company name, a logo, letterhead, or domains (manufacturing, distribution, services, etc.)

So how does one go about configuring a second site on a DNS Multitenant server to be a manufacturing , a wholes sale distributor, a school, or some other different site? I cannot see any modules to support any of that. I guess I may just be used to the stand alone single site installations. I have never had to go find the other stuff before.

The new site has no POS module, or Manufacturing module (both of which I need).
No Sales module and no way to setup the Company name.

Any friendly pointers here?

Or did I miss something in the setup of this site?

How are other people getting a tenant site to useful for anything?!?


Are there really no other users working with multitenant servers?

Someone has to be able to know how to get modules loaded.


Did you install erpnext on new site?

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Ummm… I didn’t know that it was NOT installed when I turned on dns multitenant and added the new sites. Looking back at the instructions now, they appear in the Frappe part of github, soooo… I guess they only refer to installing frappe and bench? :thinking:


@bkm try this

bench --site [sitename] install-app erpnext 
bench --site [sitename] migrate
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Ugh. Oh well. I learned something new today.

A big thank you to @vishdha for pointing out the completely missing ERPNext part of the equation.

So, it turns out that in order to add new ERPNExt sites to your multitenant server you have to follow 5 steps instead of just the original 4. They would be as follows:

  • bench config dns_multitenant on
  • bench new-site [sitename] (where [sitename] is a registered domain name)
  • bench setup nginx
  • sudo service nginx reload
  • bench --site [sitename] install-app erpnext (must be before first login to site)
  • bench --site [sitename] migrate (per @Mohammed_Redha suggestion)

Now the first time you login to the site as the Administrator, the site will run an expanded version of the Setup Wizard and you can pick your business domains (like Manufacturing, Retail, etc.)

It is important to note that you have to do the last step BEFORE you ever log into the new tenant site. Otherwise you have to do a bench site reinstall and wipe out anything you had in the new site before installing the erpnext app. :roll_eyes:

There you have it… my rookie mistake for the week. :persevere:

Thanks again @vishdha for helping me with this.


Laughing at myself here… If I had followed your instructions before I logged into the site the first time I would have been much better off. Instead I had to do things the hard way. :grin:

Thank you for pointing out the migrate step. That would probably be a wise move to add to the list.

Thank You! :star_struck:


Does it really necessary to migrate right after installing erpnext?
I rarely do migrate right after installing erpnext or other custom app.
What good does it do (comparing migrate right after install, and migrate after making changes or customization)?

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