** Solved** How do I turn off "New updates are available" pop-up window? **Proven NOT to be Admin only!

It has bee a while since I have played around with new versions of ERPNext and this window was a surprise:


My question is (and I know this sound sooo newbie) what command do I run to update my system to these newest patches?

I have spent the past 2 years keeping clients locked into whatever version I installed for them and have never seen this window before. Heck, I have not updated a ERPNext system in over 2 years now. So, I guess I just forgot how.

2nd question…

Is there a way to disable this window from poping up?

Thanks all.



you can’t from within the browser interface

I’m afraid the answer is no (not 100% sure though, but I am certain I have seen various mentions on this matter here on the forum)

LOL… Yeah, I figured that. I just do not remember what I am supposed to run from the ssh prompt to make everything update. This playing on the edge with production versions is new to me.

Funny response though… :rofl:


cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench
bench update

Hmm… This is going to be a problem. Once I settle a client on a specific point version, they do not change for up to 3 years. So, this message constantly popping up is going to create a ton of hate mail for me.

They are going to view this as the kind of nagging pop-ups they would get from something like a free gmail account or some free app on their phone that conastantly nags them to buy something or upgrade.

Must find a way to turn this OFF


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  1. I’d check whether this is been shown to every user, or just system Admins.
  2. I am sure this has been discussed in great length here on the forum so there may be a solution some wisdom somewhere

It pops up on every user when they log in.


Yeah, I thought so as well, but my searches are coming up empty. Maybe I just dont have the right search terms but, I am not finding anything on this.


If I am correct then this pops up only once when logged in as Administrator. Doesn’t come up for regular user. Hasn’t popped up on my V10 production server.

I have never seen it on my v10 servers.

I have just started evaluating v11 for my newest clients and it pops up not only for the administrator but for the 3 other users that also logged into the new system.

The fact that it is NOT limited to the Administrator is the most concerning part.

This is also NOT hosted on the erpnext cloud. This is hosted on one of my own VPS server accounts and it is really quite invasive. I cannot provide this to clients with the constant pop-ups when there is a newer version available.


I’m also on V11 in a VPS, but I dont see these notifications. Probably because I upgraded straight to v11.1.6 and I might get them when new minor versions are released.

If you have just started evaluating v11, you would be on 11.1.6 as well. Isn’t it?

No, I installed ERPNext about a week ago when I was testing installation steps on Ubuntu 18.04 and I didn’t start adding information to the system until today. When I logged in as the Administrator I saw the message and thought it was odd.
After about 30 min I logged in as one of the other users to test the POS Profile I had created for it. That user had the same message pop-up as the Administrator.

After being puzzled by the pop-up in more than the Admin account I proceeded to lo into two additioal user accounts only to have the same message on both additional users.

It was on the last user that I made a screenshot for this thread.

I keep multiple VPS servers in various states of readiness for testing new versions ut this one was the oldest.



Enough already!!!

For all of you ‘doubting Thomas’ types, here is my latest screen grabs from logging into a v11 system as the Administrator and 2 other regular users:







Now, as you can plainly see by the red circles user names it each of these screen shots, this is NOT…

I repeat, this NOT something that is resrticted to the Administrator user only and it has become a nuisance to the clients that I currently have testing this to become their next ERP system!!!

So, AGIAN, I ask…

How do we turn that damned pop-up message off?!?!?


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I think it’s better to update to this patch release.

I got multiple issues resolved in this . If u r using multi currency,particularly u should update

If the core team is sending some pop ups like that,we should oblige realising it is a critical update

While this ‘may’ be true, those pop-ups should NOT be going to every employee.

  • The cashiers are afraid to touch anything when this pops-up and they wait for a manager to come and see their stupid terminal.

  • The receiving clerk on the loading dock raised a stink because he thought he was being told to update something but had no idea what he was supposed to update.

  • The ‘know-it-all’ secretary actually tries to find a magical password that would let her perform the updates (God knows why).

  • And the clowns on the manufacturing line think they can’t use their workstation because it has to be updated with something magical that makes it just work.

Come on folks!!!

This is soooo stupid.

The one place I was trying to demo this as their potential new ERP system made me turn it off and told me to go away until that “nag” screen stops interfering with their business.

Somebody, PLEASE somebody, tell me how to disable this message pop-up.

I put a ton of my time into loading their data and setting up everything for them to test this and all that work got flushed down the toilet today by the stupid pop-up nag message.


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No. You should not have to patch. Doesn’t matter what the core team thinks. Updating software should be scheduled, voluntary, and controlled. An ERP should not force this. This isn’t Windows 10.

Secondly, regular users should never get these pop ups.

Third, there has to be a way to turn that stuff off. Even for admins.

I’m getting frustrated just reading this. And it’s not even my problem/issue.

@bkm, I am traveling. But when I land at my hotel, I’ll find a way to turn it off. Will likely require you to comment out a few lines in a file, until ERPNext can deliver a real hotfix.


Thanks. I am fine with editing at this point. I already lost a potential client this afternoon that I only got setup to test last Wed. I had installed it a few weeks ago and spent a over a week converting data and loading it up via the import tool.

So, it was left on v11.1.4 just because I was afraid to change anything until they finish testing. This issue blew that idea out of the water.

I appreciate the help.


No problem. Give me an hour or two. Waiting on my Uber driver right now.

Comment the following line.

“frappe.utils.change_log.check_for_update” in frappe hook
this.show_update_available(); in desk.js

Edit: After changed

bench build
bench restart


@magic-overflow - Thank You!!! :heart_eyes:

Thankfully the ‘bench build’ command is verbose in it’s execution. I initially left an errant # symbol in the desk.js file when trying to comment out the line. The build command was very good at alerting me to the error so I could go back and fix it.

Evidently you are supposed to use // for comments in desk.js and use # for comments in hooks.py

All appears to have gone well though. I will have to wait and see what happens on the next point update.

Thanks again for jumping in to relieve the pressure.

@brian_pond Thank you as well for that great offer to jump in and assist even while traveling.

Good people both of you.