[SOLVED] How to hide the Company field everywhere?

I have a very small business. So I’m quite sure that I won’t need the “Company” field.
I’m trying to simplify my screens as much as possible, removing all unnecessary fields.
Is there an option to make this field disappear everywhere it shows?

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Yes ofcourse you can hide fields by customizing forms.

Just make sure if its a mandatory field, system will need value for that field for saving transaction.

Goto Setup => Customize Form

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Thanks @Nick, understood!

Given that most scenarios will probably only be dealing with a single company wouldn’t it make sense to add an option to the setup to hide the company field everywhere?

Hm @nununo - why not just ignoring that field, it won’t hurt you and is always prefilled with the right value, just tab over it.

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Hello @TomFreudenberg,

Actually I am an SAP developer so I am very familiar with the concept of ignoring (hundreds?) of fields. SAP is THE king of useless fields eh eh eh.

But ERPNext is going to be used by my wife while working on her crafts so I’m doing my best to trim it and make it as simple as I possibly can so that she only sees what she needs. So I’m not particularly concerned about this one field. I’m just looking at all things which can be simplified. And this one seemed a good target for simplification. Not that she can’t deal with extra default fields. But I know she’ll like it to be as simple as possible.

That said, I agree that having the company field there is no big deal. But the fact that several other options can be disabled (like Item Group for example) made me suggest that this might be a good candidate for an extra flag in the setup section :slight_smile: