[Solved] How to process payroll fortnightly (based off timesheets)

Trying to use the process payroll function on a Fortnightly basis, and based off the timesheet hours submitted, but I’m running into problems.

The “Payroll Frequency” depends on “!=Salary Slip Based on Timesheet”. That’s okay, if it’s due to a limitation, setting dates manually isn’t a big deal… However, it doesn’t behave in a way that would consider the tool reliable.

The slips that become generated contain arbitrary dates (Current month start-end), instead of the dates selected.

Selections during Process Payroll:

Salary Slip generated:

can you please reply

@superlack Thanks for reporting the issue, it has be fixed via [Fix] Date span not to be calculated for Timesheet Salary by KanchanChauhan · Pull Request #8218 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.
It will be merged soon.

Awesome, thanks. I haven’t really been able to use the tool before, I’ll try after updating. If I encounter anything in the near future, should I post it in this thread? Or a GitHub issue?

Thanks for this thread, I was about to report the same.