[Solved] Is it possible to get WYSIWYG editor back for Letter Heads

In previous versions of ERPNext there was a WYSIWYG editor for creating the Letter Head.

Like this:

Now it is all HTML and nobody in the office can figure out how to go back to making Letter Head records for our documents again.

Is it possible to get the editor back?

Or is that no longer possible?

How is everyone else doing this in their administrative offices where people know how to use editors and not HTML?


I don’t know how robust it will be, but I was able to get a WYSIWYG editor that cooperated at least superficially with print formats simply by customizing the form and changing the field type from “HTML Editor” to “Text Editor”. That will give you a Quill editor. None of the WYSIWYG html editors I’ve ever used are great, but Quill is decent at least.



That did get me what I needed.

Thank you @peterg