[SOLVED] Item import template wrongly formatted


I was going to use the import functionality for the first time to correct some items and downloaded the template with data. But what I got seems to have two problems:

  1. It is wrongly formatted
  2. Some characters are not properly exported

I tried to open it in Excel both in mac and Windows and the result is the same.

I have attached two annotated screenshots and the actual file. I would attach the actual CSV file but it doesn’t let me.

Here you can see the strange characters and the wrongly offset line:

And here is the first column of the wrongly offset line:

Please advise.


please try to open it with libre office if you were using excel

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Thanks! It worked.
Still… I’d rather not have to have libre office installed.
Shouldn’t it work well with MS Excel?

its about ms excel auto formating… thats make the problem

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Libreoffice crashes every 30 seconds. I decided to use Google Spreadsheets instead and it’s working fine!