[Solved] Lead- Make customer/make opportunity error


When I convert Lead to Opporunity / Make > Custimer.

The Customer Name / Full Name shows ‘None’ instead of Lead name!!!

Help me plz to solve this error!!!


Have you entered orgnization name in Lead?


Prakash H

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Clicked idea!

Organization Name field is hidden…

I removed hidden property. and i tried for new Lead. The organization name is automatically filled as ‘None’ even it is not set in the form. :open_mouth:

When I removed ‘None’ from organization name it works well!!!
Thank you @prakash1

Could you please help me how can i remove that ‘None’ from Organization Name in Lead doctype, onload…?

it is not set in the py file or js file or in the custom doc!!!

Please check if you have set any default value for Organization field from Cusotmize Form.

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