[Solved] Login with provided VirtualBox fails

I just downloaded the VirtualBox image provided from here: https://erpnext.com/download

After the import of the appliance into VituallBox I cannot login in the browser. Because the login script needs an email and a password - but you only provide a username and password on the download page!

After looking into the database I found the admin email address admin@example.com. But the login still fails with the given password.

What can I do to login into erp next? Thanks.

@jfqd “Administrator” and “admin”

Without the "'s

Thank you for your reply. But as mentioned that did not work.

Any other ideas?

@jfqd, do you tried? Because this is the standard user!

The login ask by a “email” but do you can pass the username too.

I got it: JavaScript was disabled on this browser! So maybe a friendly “please activate your javascript” note would be fine. Should I create an github issue?

please do :smile: