(SOLVED) Naming Series for ITEM-PRICE


I have updated price list via CSV file, now I can not add new price for new product manually because I get “already exists” like “ITEM-PRICE-00044 already exists”

I went Setup->Naming Series, but I can not find there ITEM-PRICE…

Can you please add some error screenshot and you csv file as well.

Are you trying to add price to the same price list you updated via CSV file?

Hi, screen shot attached.

Yes you are right, I’d like to add new price item to the same price list I updated via CSV. Worth to mention it was not updating prices list but rather inserting new prices.

And you are sure ITEM-PRICE-00044 does not exist?

Quite contrary – I am sure ITEM-PRICE-00044 exists. But I have no way to control this value. I read that I can reset Naming Series, for example reset it to 00045, but I see no such option for ITEM-PRICE in Setup->Naming Series.

You will have to do it at document level. Go to Item Price doctype and set it there.

However, I am not sure how I can edit this, it’s inactive…
There is also naming_series - By Naming Series, that I think better to use, I would rather have naming series, so after I make insertion of couple of hungreds prices, I would just update naming_series, and it will continue… But I am not sure how to do that at all…

It is quite strange, because if you work with something real, price import is a must, should not be so complicated… :frowning:

I think I found source of problem. When I was importing price list, I missed this “If you are uploading new records, leave the “name” (ID) column blank.” and added name(ID)…
So, I just deleted every price, and reimport it with blank name(ID) column, and everything is fine.


Great workaround Mikhail, Worked for me as well !