[SOLVED] New module not visible

i create another module on app

only the first module when creating the app is visible
already try to add the icon on config/desktop.py
still not showing

the version i use is
erpnext - 7.0.18
frappe - 7.0.15

Have you tried Setup >> Permissions >> Show / Hide Modules

Another issue may be to have at least one element to be shown in the module.

I found it out with a new app of mine. It did not show its icon on the desk until I created at least one DocType under the module.

Also very important is to define the proper rights and permissions to get it displayed.

This behavior fits together with the fact, that a module, where the user does not have the rights will not be shown.

i have fix this by using command line on the terminal
using bench migrate

this will update the desktop.py to the apps

without this
the 2nd module will not be shown on Show / Hide Modules