[SOLVED] Operational error - need help

I made a custom field on sales invoice doctype and accidentally wrote something in default value instead in options.
Now I’m getting this error OperationalError(1067, "Invalid default value for 'placano'") I’m unable to delete, or modify field, or reset form to defaults. Please help!

Navigate to Setup/Custom Field and from the list of added fields delete the one that is causing issues.
If you are unable to do this due to the error adjust my local URL below to get there.
I am running V7 Beta

Thanks, but no success.
Problem is, I have a custom field with wrong default value, which seems to caused some sort of loop to server. Already tried changing value, deleting field etc… with no success. I’m on V6. I think the only solution would be to delete column in database or modify “default” value there. If someone kind enough to write instructions on how to do it.

After deleting the field try running
bench export-fixtures
bench restart
from within frappe-bench folder

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You can go to database and change every thing manually :smiley:


bench mysql

then go to your custom field then change the values using update query.

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Problem solved with deleting default value from database.
Thank you both for help.:+1: