[Solved] Problem with Stock Item Naming Series


I’m trying to setup items in Stock.
Where do I get to use the naming series for Items?
There is an Item naming series that I configured.
But I still always have to manually fill the Item Code field.

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Please refer above link. Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:

Hi @shamsheer,
Thanks for the input, though it does not have much to do with the current problem I have.

Simply said.
The naming series for Items is not working.
There is a Item naming series.
There is also a naming series configured in the item doctype.
This is BTW all default from a clean ERPNext install.
But still I don’t see the numbering anywhere.

The Naming Series:

The DocType:

The Form:

The Item View:

here I don’t see any naming series selection

@jkeersmaekers it’s hidden go ahead and save an item …

@JoEz, what do you mean, it’s hidden.
What do you use the Item Code for then?
Shouldn’t the Item Code be filled with the Item Naming series?

go to Stock → Stock Settings …you can set:

Item Code: user must enter it
Naming Series: Auto naming as 80.#########

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@JoEz, Thank you very much.
That is exactly what I needed.


@jkeersmaekers yw …mark the post as solved in the title …thx

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