[Solved] - Profit and loss statement: Start Year Not found:

I am using ERPNext 7. When I take ‘Profit and Loss Statement’ , it shows the message: "Start Year None not found’ . Anybody know why this happens?
I have already set 2016 as the default fiscal year…



This is working fine in my test account. Can you please share screenshots of report and Fiscal Year?

@rohit_w any help?

Hi @Amalendu,

Click on reload button in menu and check

Thanks, Rohit

It is in Production server…

Fiscal Year List

When I click reload button. it shows the same message as in the first screeshot!

Try bench migrate command and reload the page.

Hello @rohit_w @KanchanChauhan

Thank you all
Solved issue using develop branch…
(didn’t migrate)