[Solved] Purchase Recieve Item not showing 'Batch No.' field despite customization

I want to show the Batch No. field in the Purchase Receipt Item table in the Purchase Receipt form.

Have done the requisite customizations -

  1. Reduced the columns occupied by Rate field from 3 to 1
  2. Allotted 2 columns to the Batch No. field apart from checking ‘In List View’
  3. Remove two fields ‘Net Amount’, ‘Accepted Warehouse’ by unchecking ‘In List View’ as they showed up when I reduced the columns for Rate.

But Batch No. does not show up in the table.

What may I be missing?

So, which are the columns you are currently able to view in the grid?

Item Code, Accepted Quantity, Rate, Amount

Herein are a few screenshots that may help -

You will have to remove in_list_view for most of the columns which show up except the necessary ones, also try increasing the column for batch_no to 2 or 3.

Also, make sure the summation of all the columns in list view is <= 10. I successfully was able to get the batch field in grid view by trying the aforementioned technique.

It worked. Had to check each field and make the modifications. There were several fields with in_list_view but were not showing up.