[solved] Purchase return without original purchase receipt

Hi, all

I’ve hit a bit of a wall here. We started using ERPNext with cut off date as 1 Apr and opened our stocks using stock reconciliation. The scenario is as follow -

  • Item A with Qty of 10 was delivered to us for price of $100 before 1st Apr.
  • We didn’t backdate and entered this transaction into ERPNext. We only opened stock as of 1st April using reconciliation.
  • By 5th Apr, we need to return these 10 back to supplier “with price $100”

I’ve tried Stock Entry with purpose “Material Issue” but the valuation rate is $110 and I cannot change this rate to $100. This is probably because we’re using “Moving Average” valuation method.
I’ve also tried to create Purchase Receipt with Negative Qty but it doesn’t allow me to save the record.

Is it possible to create Purchase Receipt for return without having it link back to original purchase receipt?

As for the accounting side, I’m using a temporary account to debit back to the supplier.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, I found a workaround and used stock reconciliation to recalculated the average valuation manually and reduce the item quantities. Then I wrote journal entries to debit the supplier account from the temporary account. Seems much more easier than reopening stocks without return stocks excluded.

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