[SOLVED] [QUESTION] One Buying product multiple suppliers with multiple prices


Please help me in following:

  1. To create multiple prices for single buying product. For ex If i want to buy product P from supplier A & B and both have different prices for product P i.e. one part no & multiple prices, then how am I going to do the same in ERP next.
  2. While preparing the Suppier Purchase Order, is there any way to import the part no. directly & price is automatically inserted. For ex I want to generate PO for supplier A providing many product. Now I just want to select the product & mention the Quantity & it automatically takes the price related to product P supplied by supplier A.

You can use Price Lists for each supplier to keep track of their costing.

Suppose if I have 3 different suppliers (with different prices) for same product then forming 3 lists would not be feasible. as these supplier may supply more type of product also.

For Ex Supplier A provides
Product X- INR 500
Product Y- INR 100
Product Z- INR 1000

Similarly, Supplier B provides
Product X- INR 500
Product Y- INR 200
Product Z- INR 800

Supplier C provides
Product X- INR 700
Product Y- INR 150
Product Z- INR 900

Now how to list all these prices in my ERP against Product X,Y,Z along with their respective supplier.

I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be feasible?

I have a price list for every one of my suppliers (dozens), with an item price in that price list if they supply the part.

If you want to look who supplies the product, you can filter the Item Price docs by that item, and you can get a list of the Price Lists that have that part.

You mean to say that I should define a supplier based price list & link the item prices to suppliers by selecting the supplier price list while defining the price of an item… Is it so?

Step by Step

  1. Create a new Price List for each of your suppliers.
  2. Define the Default Price List for each Supplier as the one you created above
  3. Create an Item Price for each Item and Supplier (through the Price List)

Thank you very much for clarifying my doubts. Its working.

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