[solved] Sales invoice - Outstanding Amount?

Hello, plz can someone explain to me what is the outstanding amount field in the sales invoice. And from where it gets the value? based on what?

That is the amount that remains unpaid?

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Yes, as you can see it is the same amount as the grand total above. Once you get into the payment process this is the number toward it will be calculated.

If your customer makes a payment and you link it to this sales invoice but the payment ist only 400€ the outstanding amount will change to 443,84 €. Thus you will always be able to check, that sales invoices are payed completely, as they will be set to the status “paid” once the outstanding amount is 0€.

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Yup partial or advance payments for example https://beta.erpnext.com/desk#Form/Sales%20Invoice/SINV-00111

okey, one more question. in which case the outstanding amount will be a negative amount?

When you received extra amount against one invoice. it issue credit note to customer

thank you! :slight_smile:

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