[SOLVED] Settings: Sales order required


If I choose that the Sales Order is not required, what is the process to sell without a Sales Order?

And if I choose that the Delivery Note is not required what is the process to deliver the goods and remove them from the stock?

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I think it indicates if Sales Order or Delivery Note are mandatory,
If not you can directly make an invoice to deliver goods and decrease stock from the warehouse.
If yes, ERPNext will refuse a new invoice, you need to create a Sales Order firstly, then convert it to Delivery Note and then convert DN to Invoice.



Just go through this link:-


On ‘Sale Invoice’ ,you can directly do “Update Stock” without creating Delivery Note.

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I see. Thanks. I tried to Update Stock and it worked fine, it blocked the submit because I didn’t have enough stock. Perfect.

But now I’m confused… I just tried to create a Sales Invoice without the “Update stock” flag, submitted it, made the payment and the Sales Order is now green and ready to be forgotten. But I never got to deliver the goods and the stock didn’t change. So I just got paid for something I didn’t deliver and there is nothing pending. Isn’t this dangerous? I imagine it would be very easy for someone to forget to set the “Update stock” flag on the Sales Invoice. Or am I missing something?

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Hi @nununo

You can customize the Form for “Sales Invoice” and set default value to “1” for field “Update Stock”

Then it is always set.

You also can enter some rule to check, that this option is set if the item depends on.


Thank you very much for the thorough explanation. I’ll make a note of that.

So much to learn! I still didn’t start exploring the rules. It’s really cool how things can be customized so easily and in such an unified way. I have to say I’m really impressed with ERPNext and enjoying it a lot.