[SOLVED] Show products from particular warehouse only on website


I am looking to customize the website for customers. The items are reflecting in Products page. I want to show only products from particular warehouse only.
It is my bad, i cannot find which function I would customize for that.
I am trying to understanding the flow of control in item.py and stock_entry.py

But I am confused with the functions like,

  • def recalculate_bin_qty(self, newdn):
*` def check_if_sle_exists(self):`

* def validate_warehouse_for_reorder(self):


It would be great if anyone canhelp me which function in ‘item.py’/stock_entry (hope this is the file to customize) file shows the products in website.?

Hi @Amalendu

please refer to product_search.py `

get_product_list method is used to fetch the items from the Item master and then rendered on Products Page.

Thanks, Makarand

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Thank you for the quick and correct reply…

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It is actually item_group.py file, that I have to edit to show the products of particular website.

‘product_search.py’ is for searching purpose.

Thank you

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I think this feature to be able to display products from warehouse instead of item groups would be of interest to many users.

Can you make the PR for this to be included into the core?

Thank you.