[SOLVED] Table headers do not show on destination of migration

Hello all,

I am having this problem for a week now and i tried several migrations and options still with no success so far…
The application github address is GitHub - FPMT-IT/Dharma-Center-ERP: ERPNext based Application for Dharma Center Management.
Locally on my development VM all the fields headers show OK, but when i migrate them to a shared test environment, some of the fields do not show. The doctype name is Contact and features several child doctypes.

Next you can see the 3 pictures from the local environment which are OK they only serve here as the good example:

Next you can see the 3 pictures from the remote testing environment of the same Contact doctype, which are NOT OK on some of the headers, they are just the result from a migration from the development environment which photos you have seen above.

Can you please help? If you need access to the remote server to check for things better, i can provide.

Thanks in advance.

Hello all,

After inspecting tables, noticed that ‘tabProperty Setter’ had no values so i copied the values there, to the migrated test environment and all show up nicely. For some reason this table was not considered on the migration.
I am available for further debugging on this subject if you need.

Have a nice weekend!!!

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