[SOLVED]Timedate picker question (new day arrangement), also a bug when entering timesheets

The new time picker is great for mobile because it supports dragging of sliders. I noticed that right before the release of v8, the weekend arrangement got changed on the Datetime picker. Instead of the first day being Sunday, it was moved to the last. I’m not sure about regional standards, (In North America, Sunday-Saturday is standard) but I found it pretty confusing when referencing the calendar view in ERPNext since it’s still on the SMTWTFS layout.

Also, I, and another member of my company were having an issue when using the Timesheet Datetime picker on mobile.

Very specific circumstances, it doesn’t throw the error on other doctypes with Datetime, and it doesn’t throw the error on a pc, or even responsive view in chrome. It looks like the code has been untouched for the hour settings in timesheet.js though

Try setting the language as en-US in your settings.

Hi there, i’ve sent a PR to fix the first problem…


In the meanwhile switch to English (United States) language.

I had it set to en, switches to en-US and reloaded… it didn’t seem to change after reloading each form, but from both replies, it sounds like that’s the solution for the day ordering. I’ll try in the morning… Thanks guys.

I’ll try to figure out what’s causing the format error tomorrow too. Thanks

Chrome and safari for iOS 10.3, iPhone 6s, both seem to throw the formatting error, with no customizations. This is only within the time sheet detail view so far, maybe it applies to other child table date time pickers, but not on parent datetimes.

Also, the localization/language hasn’t affected the calendar day ordering so far. Will try an update

What timezone and language did u set?

Updated to the latest commit on develop and it fixed both!. For reference, it was en-us, and PT - America / Vancouver.

Thanks guys