[solved] V12 to v14 upgrade

Howdy everyone.
I’ve been doing some other things so haven’t been on the forums much I a while. I want to upgrade my install which has been running quit happily on v12 for a loooong time. I have trolled for posts on how to do this but there’s a disturbing lack thereof.
The most common opinion seems to be “install v14 fresh and the migrate” - so I tried … install v14 (all fine - even used ubuntu 22 to match with the majority of the posts), and then data import of the v12 DB into v14 (also appears to go fine), but…
when I try
bench update -- patch
Right after the Building search index for site1.local
I get errors like this…

pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'is_virtual' in 'field list'")
pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'website_search_field' in 'field list'")

I thought that the primary purpose of migrate/patch was to correct DB schema mismatches?
Admittedly I have been out of the loop a while but has anyone actually succeeded in a v12->v14?
Am I better off doing a v12 → v13 upgrade…and then a v13 → v14 upgrade?


hello, yes it is better to go one step wen upgrading major versions


Highly recommend V12 > 13> 14

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Thanks guys…I have done a v13 install…restored v12 DB etc into v13, and migrated…will test shortly and revert on progress

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@trentmu welcome back boet :smiley:

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Thank you! Great to see a lot of new features and faces (but still some of the oldies)!

Thanks to everyone who commented/contributed… following the 12…13…(OS upgrade for python 3.10)+14 route worked.

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Hi Trent, could you guide the complete procedure for migration to v14 from v13? Thanks.

My steps were…

  • backup the database, and then delete it from mariadb.
  • move/rename the /home/frappe/frappe-bench/* subdir to another safe location (in my case I just renamed it to /home/frappe/ZZZfrappe-benchZZZ/)
  • do a fresh install of v14
  • do a forced restore of the db from the backup you took above
  • patch/migrate (I prefer to use the bench update --reset method, although there are other alternatives that also work)
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Everything worked well, except pdf generaterion of any document, what could be the issue? For v14, we need to install or congure anythinr else for this.

  • You need to check that the version you have of wkhtmltopdf is 0.12.6 or higher WITH qt patch.
    • Use wkhtmltopdf --version to check
  • Try adding the ERPNext domain name(s) into your /etc/hosts file
  • Try adding “host_name”: “https://YOUR.domain.com” in site_config.json,
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Could you elaborate more last two points as I’m using IP to access?

with IP address, there’s no point in adding the /etc/hosts entry
the 2nd part…add/edit your site_config.json

"host_name": ""

(you must use YOUR host machine’s IP address - the is just an example)

can you please define steps you took while performing this. will be very helpful

Could you share any link or complete tested procedure for v14 installation?