[SOLVED] [V14] Unable to Set "Fetch From" on Custom Doctype

Does anyone know how to use the new fetch from on v14? It seems like it’s broken because there’s no option in the Select Doctype field and the empty field beside it is read-only.


¿In wich field are you trying to do this? Fetch from is usable on data field, not in link field.


Field: Customer . Type: Link
Field: Customer email: Type: Data → Here you can use fetch from, Customer doctype appears on Fetch From and then you can choose any Customer field.

Hope this helps.

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Ah, I see. So it was refactored and fetch from is now a no-code function in V14. Smooth!!! In V13 I had fetch from set on read-only as well as link fields. But this has obviously been changed with V14. Thanks for the insight. It was helpful.

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