[SOLVED] [V7] Cannot modify custom doctype

Hi there,

i’ve created a custom doctype as child table of Item Price, namely Item Price History; after last update is not possible to modify it.

Can you please have a look?


Are you logged in as Administrator?

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott yup.

i had also:

stopped bench
bench clear-cache
bench start

have you set “developer_mode” for the site being used?

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@revant_one Why developer mode? it’s a custom DocType …not a default one …

Oh! sorry. Is there anything in javascript console?

@revant_one nope …all clear …


bench set-config developer_mode 1

no way …still all read only …

Pushed a fix. Please post issues on GitHub though.

@rmehta woppss sorry, not sure was an issue until i tested developer mode.

@rmehta working now thx a lot!