[SOLVED] Website images not showing up for users who are not logged in

Hi there, has anyone had an issue with images not showing up on the website? I set up a slideshow and brand image that shows up when I’m logged in. But when I’m not logged in the images don’t show up. Here is a screenshot below:

Someone on the Glitter chat suggested issue [v7] Desktop Icon not showing for users · Issue #5850 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. I followed the instructions described there, but that didn’t solve the issue.

Any help would be appreciate.

This was solved through the following glitter chat:

Maxwell Morais @MaxMorais 11:17
@Goeppert check if your images aren’t uploaded as private

Goeppert @Goeppert 11:19
@MaxMorais Yes, they are uploaded as private … /private/files/Splash1.jpg
How to I make them not private?

Maxwell Morais @MaxMorais 11:20
Bad news, you need re-upload everything again and re-link the images into the web-site
Uncheking the option “private” while upload

Goeppert @Goeppert 11:21
I’ve had to do worse . Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

Maxwell Morais @MaxMorais 11:21
@Goeppert alias
Maybe, if you go to the file list
you can just uncheck the “private” option

Goeppert @Goeppert 11:39
@MaxMorais Thanks that worked. I had to delete the files from the attachements before uploading them again.