[SOLVED] Website new tab in "My account"

How I can add my custom tab to “my account” view? This tab should be “Warranty Claim” list and also how I can get this list with my filters.

I don’t know how made it closed. I’ve found solution.

please share your solution for reference.

First of all I use this version:
ERPNext: v6.27.22
Frappe Framework: v6.27.21

in hooks.py I should update my_account_context = “path_to_my_app.update_my_account_context” and

def update_my_account_context(context):
{“label”: _(“My custom tab”), “url”: “/my_custom_tab”},

First of all go to utils.py in erpnext/erpnext/shopping_cart

and add the line to

def update_my_account_context(context):
		{"label": _("My custom tab"), "url": "mycustomtab"},    	
		{"label": _("Orders"), "url": "orders"},
		{"label": _("Invoices"), "url": "invoices"},
		{"label": _("Shipments"), "url": "shipments"},
		{"label": _("Issues"), "url": "issues"},
		{"label": _("Addresses"), "url": "addresses"},
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Thanks for you reply Amalendu but I haven’t access to change erpnext/frappe files. I can changed only my custom app and for this I use hooks.

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