[solved] What is the admin username to log in on fresh install?

I successfully ran the production install script for ERPNext on Ubuntu 14 and can see it running on port 80, but I don’t know how to sign into my install. What username and password should I use?

The log file displays the following passwords:

Frappe password:
MariaDB root password:
Administrator password:

I have tried logging in with “administrator” as username, but I get an error about it not containing an @.

What’s my next step? Please add this to your log documentation.

OK, it seems like usernames are cAse-Sensitive. I am able to log in with “Administrator” and the password specified.

I would advise that all usernames be lowered on input and tested against lowercase usernames. Humans don’t care if its “maria” or “Maria”.

@petrus user names are not case sensitive! try again

Thanks, I got in. You can go ahead and close this topic.