[Solved] Where can I set the default Warehouse for a new "Item"?

In years gone by, there was a “Default Warehouse” field in the Item record and you would set it as you created any new Items in the database. Like this:

When I try to create new Items in my v13.11 installation there is no longer a field for this. How do I set the default warehouse?

How do I easily set the warehouses for Items “as I create them”???

There is no field for this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated here…

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All that got shifted to

“Sales, Purchase, Accounting Defaults” Section. They did this so that you can set default warehouse by Company in case you wanted to share a particular item between multiple companies. If you don’t see the field, just click on edit for that row that has the company you want, and you can set it there.

Thank you!!

I would not have found that because the section is blank with no rows when you first create a record. You actually have to click “add a row” for your company name to show up in a new row and then you can alter the warehouse.

Without your clue, I would have never found it!

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To add, you can set the default warehouse for ALL items (unless you over-ride at the item level) in the “Stock Settings”. This warehouse will be used for newly created items that do not have a default warehouse specified for it.