**Solved** Where did the Export feature go in V10?!?

I just started setting up a new ERPNext v10 server and cannot find the place to export the templates (both with and without data).

When I go to Setup and select “Import / Export Data” the screen goes to a blank list of imports. I can no longer see the list of exports to select. Something changed in how this part of the system is accessed and I cannot find any reference to it in the manual.

So, how do I export blank templates of Customes and Addresses?

BTW… this is a PRODUCTION server. When I select “Import / Export Data” from the Setup area this is what I get:

There is no longer a place to select templates for download.


Just a thought … do you have the right permissions to see import/export?

I know I see Import options on many menus but my colleagues with less rights don’t see an import option

I cannot even see anything when I log in as Administrator!!

I think someone changed the user interface and didn’t document it in the manual. Either that or ot is a HUGE bug!


Data Import has been changed in version 10. Click on new then select doctype and then u can see download template on the right top corner



Thank you!! I was lead off course by the title of the page as “Data Import” and I did not expect to find the Export features there. The logic of the previous version was easier to understand. However, I recognize this new logic from the “New Stock Reconciliation” page where the template is downloaded from the page where you eventually upload (import) it. I always thought it was out-of-step with the rest of the program, but now the logic seems to match.

This thread can now be closed. Thank you.