[Solved] Where is the Stock Entry number now? Breadcrumbs disappeared!

So I an testing v13.11 for deployment at the end of the week and when I started working through some of the regular scenarios (like Stock Transfers) I notices something very important.

If you open a Stock Entry from the Stock Entry List you will see something similar to this:

So where exactly am I supposed to see that I am looking at the Stock Entry number that I selected from the list!?!

There is no indication on the screen any longer to tell me that I in fact have the Stock Entry displayed on the screen that I selected!!

What if the user accidentally clicked on the one just above or below the target Stock Entry doc? There is nothing here to tell them they are looking at the correct document!

The Stock Entry document number used to be listed at the top of the page next to the “Submitted” icon.

When did this disappearing become a good idea?!?

Any idea how I get that back?


Are you talking about the name field? It shows up for me in the breadcrumb area, immediately to the right of the ERPNext logo. Im not sure why it’s not appearing in your screenshot.

Yes, that is what I expected. However as you can see from my screenshot, it is no longer there.

Where did it go? How do I get it back?

Is there a secret setting for this that I just don’t know about?

Is there a setting for “breadcrumbs” ??


I have the same database in 2 different servers.

This is a record from the ERPNext 13.8 server:

As you can see above, the Stock Entry number is available at the top of the screen. (I highlighted it here with a red arrow)


Here is the exact same record from the same database being displayed on the ERPNext v13.11 server. Notice what is missing next to the red arrow:


How do I get the information to display in v13.11 ??

Any ideas?


wow take it easy.

why would they change something that is generic to all doctypes.

Maybe just a bug.

this is my instance in 13.11



The breadcrumbs work everywhere else in the system. They are just missing for Stock Entry docs.

Does anyone else see this in a PRODUCTION environment?


Something must be going wrong on your server/instance.

I just checked my version 13.11 and it is showing. All looks perfect.

OK. I found the problem.

In my systems I have a Workflow defined that forces users of a certian permission level to have their Stock Transfers approved by a manager level user.

Even though I had no problem leveling up my systems so far, this last one from v13.8 to 13.11 did not properly handle the Workflow. The Workflow showed up in the Workflow list but it had not correctly added the extra field to the Stock Entry record.

So, when I opened a Stock Entry from the list, a error pop-up would occur so fast that I couldn’t see it. With Stock Entry being unable to find the workflow_state field, It couldn’t finish setting up the screen and the breadcrumbs were left out.

All I had to do to rectify the problem was go to the Workflow list and open the specific workflow. I then did something as simple as unchecking the “send email notice” box and resaved the Workflow.

From that point on the screen could complete and the breadcrumbs reappeared!!

I know it sounds crazy, but if not for just bantering the wied issue around with another user that was actually able to see the quick pop-up error, I would never have had a clue what could be causing the problem.