[solved] Why this filter not working

This filter does not work. It will always display all the customer even I put this filter. I already tried to reload. There is no error in JS Console. Any idea why?

frappe.ui.form.on("Payment", "onload", function(frm) {

    cur_frm.set_query("customer", function() {
        return {
            "filters": {
                "customer_group": 'Tenant'

@rmehta @anand as I dig deeper I have found out that when a field is link to a customer doctyype it will used a standard query which is erpnext.selling.doctype.customer.customer.get_customer_list and when I look at get_customer_list erpnext/customer.py at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

filter parameter is not used. Is this intentional? How will I filter a link column to a customer doctype?

def get_customer_list(doctype, txt, searchfield, start, page_len, filters):
	if frappe.db.get_default("cust_master_name") == "Customer Name":
		fields = ["name", "customer_group", "territory"]
		fields = ["name", "customer_name", "customer_group", "territory"]

	match_conditions = build_match_conditions("Customer")
	match_conditions = "and {}".format(match_conditions) if match_conditions else ""

	return frappe.db.sql("""select %s from `tabCustomer` where docstatus < 2
		and (%s like %s or customer_name like %s)
		order by
		case when name like %s then 0 else 1 end,
		case when customer_name like %s then 0 else 1 end,
		name, customer_name limit %s, %s""".format(match_conditions=match_conditions) %
		(", ".join(fields), searchfield, "%s", "%s", "%s", "%s", "%s", "%s"),
		("%%%s%%" % txt, "%%%s%%" % txt, "%%%s%%" % txt, "%%%s%%" % txt, start, page_len))

I ended up creating my own query

frappe.ui.form.on("Payment", {
	onload: function(frm) {
		frm.set_query("customer", function() {
			return {
				query: "residences.residences.doctype.payment.payment.get_active_tenant"

and then I just hard coded the where clause customer_group = 'Tenant' in get_active_tenant.

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query: “residences.residences.doctype.payment.payment.get_active_tenant”

i understand
1 residences is AppName
2 residences is module name
3 doctype for doctype reference
4 payment is doctype
5 payment is fieldname (?)
6 get_active_tenant — I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND IT.
(how get_active_tenant to be define)

i got partial idea from your refernce :

Please give detail explaination as it is very useful for all…

Thanks in advance

get_active_tenant is a method name at py side which consist your query and call this method at js side which return value to respective field.

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Hi, want to do the same thing but not able to do it ?? can you help me