Some headers in reports are not translated

Hello all,
The text of the some of the column headers in reports don’t get translated. For example, I get this when viewing the Customer Addresses And Contacts report:

Please notice how Customer ID did not get translated while “Customer Group” did.



Translation for the few header might not be available as they are yet to be translated or verified. To add / contribute translation please check the Translation Portal.

Thanks, Makarand

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The strings are present in the csv file. So, I think it is something else.

I have narrowed it down to this:
Reports with type “query report”, where columns are defined in the query field in the json file, don’t load translation of these values to the cache, frappe._messages. However, if the values are already in the cache, it will load correctly.

yes, it is exactly as you described. please open a github issue for this.