Some ideas of emprovements for Payroll

Hi all
i have some idea about improving the HR module :
1 - base salary should be in the employee setting coz no one wants to rewrite each month the same base salary for the same user (if we have 1000 emp) and any idea on how i can track the emprovment of the base salary for each emp coz some times if i am forced to change something in the first month in somehow i have to be noticed (salary changes) .
2 - in the salary components (like variables in sage payroll) some times we need to assign a static value to salary component if not i think it’s better to add formula like salary struture in salary component coz here in morocco the payroll process i a little bit hard to achieve in erpnext hr (a lot’s of nested formulas).

@shachiTakalkar can you please answer?

@SOLOSOFT Please go through this blog.