Some information disappear when printing


I have custom print format…it’s displaying correctly on Print Prview…but some information e.g. customer, address, item etc are missing randomly while printing.

What could be the problem? How to trace this?


Just check if someone has set print_hide as true for the fields. You can check via customize form

@neilLasrado I have checked it.I don’t think it is the issue.

I’m using custom format using html and jinja2. Is print_hide feature also apply to custom format? it (some fields) disappear randomly once printed-out…

It seems this related to chrome 54 update. Some layout issues were reported as well related to chrome 54 update in this forum.

If we use chrome under v54, it works fine. It.happens for both frappe erpenxt v6 and v7

@jof2jc strange. We also did have some issues with the chrome update. @netchampfaris might be able to help out.

Lots of issues popping up post Chrome 54 update. I’ll try to fix them one by one, until Chrome releases a fix.

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