Some information on Leave Without Pay

I thought others may wish to have the benefit of some learning on leave without pay.

I has erroneously assumed that by checking “depends on leave without pay” then declared variable would be updated on the basis of the LWP calculation eg bs=base/12. In fact the lwp calculation is applied to the net result of the earning or deduction caclulation and the variable id not updated.

Why is this important? Infact if your deductions are linear eg a straight % of say bs then it is not provided that you also check “depends on” in the deduction.

However, if the deduction is none linear eg in many tax calculations where rates are banded then the calculation will apparenetly fail. ie the calculation will be based on the non-adjusted bs and then a multiplier of the LWP factor applied afterwards.

The solution is to explicitly calulate the “bs” on the basis of the lwp data items

Then leave all the depends on’s unchecked.

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Please create a Github Issue for your feature suggestion.

Btw, where did 12 come from?