Some notifications not going out

Good day all


Setting up various notifications.

When I set one that sends a notification when a Task is completed, all good.

However, when I want to set up a notification about a planned production, I dont see anything

I tried screen capturing to put a screenshot on but, my windows machine wont start
snipping tool !!!

So I shall explain…
Goto - “notification List” then “Add notification”
Enabled = tick
Channel = “email”
Subject = ProductionPlan due
Document typw = Production Plan
Send alert on = Custom
Sender = Notification
ticked “Send System notification”
Sender Email =

In "conditions table:

Receiver by role = System Manager
CC =

Would appreciate some guidance on this please. Thanks

Isn’t there anyone that can assist me please ?

All notifications that I have created using “submit” or “save” is working fine but not this one - custom.

Perhaps someone could indicate to me that my expectation is correct.

If I set a production plan for tomorrow , then at midnight the scheduler will run. “nowdate()”
should return tomorrows date and the condition doc.due_date==nowdate() will be true
which should trigger the notification. I have also set up the “condition” on both the main
page of notification as well as in the “recipients” table.

I have also climbed into the mysql tables to see if I can spot something that could quide me as
to any incorrect field-setting.

It would be nice to receive a mail on the day of a production about the event.
Could someone offer some advise please. I have tried many options in all the seetup-options but
I have run out of ideas. Please

I am not a programmer or expert - just offering a comment/idea…

This condition would require that the condition check is happening at the exact moment…so if the scheduler is a few seconds different it won’t match (I think). Maybe just a >= would work?

Thank you @trentmu for your suggestion

I did not think of that ! My reasoning was that it compares date-only. But you have a point -
maybe it is comparing date-time !!

I shall try set this up today and see what happens at midnight tonight !

I appreciate your time.


I have tried the >= but ERPNExt throws an error. It does not like the > in a date-condition.

My goal was to get a notification out whenever there was an scheduled production for that day.
I essentially did that by customizing “Production Plan” by creating a custom Document-link
to Events. Then the events-calendar sends out a notification early that morning. And as
a bonus, my production plans are shown in my calendar.

So I did achieve my goal, but I would still however, like to find out why it is that a Custom
notification does not work and the others ( Save Submit etc ) works.

Another thought was : does doc.due_date refer to a field in the doc? Or is that a state assigned to
all docs because if it is a field then it will not work since Production Plan does not have a due_date
field. I did however set up another notification and the condition was doc.status==“Not Started”.
Production Plan does have a field Status so that should have gone out and yet did not.

Is there not a Dev that can help out? I would like to understand what I am doing incorrectly.