Some permissions problems

let’s say we have 2 users one x the 2nd y
x is doing a sales order and saving it
y has the admin privileges but still can’t see what x did
but administrator can see what x did
any known solutions?

This can be implemented easily with Role Permissions. You need to be clear about what is “admin privileges”.

i know this link , that’s not my issue
my issue is that i have 2 users and the administrator
x creates a sales order and administrator can see it
y can’t see it to add to that that same roles on administrator are applicable to y which means it’s like a 2nd administrator it has a profile which all roles are checked in even for the doctypes
this is my problem

@AnthonyS Have you applied user permission on the document type?


hi prakash , i already have found a solution by setting user permission for the company and it worked
thanks anyway :slight_smile: