Some Question About stock Reports

hi dears
i have some question:
whats the meaning of ‘waiting qty’ in stock summary report ?
and can any one explain what is the stock ageing report?
and also get me some information about stock projected qty report plz
tnx for your help

Can you please share the screenshot of stock summary report with “waiting quantity”.

The stock Aging Report helps to find the inventory age identified by its receipt date.

Stock projected quantity list item wise - warehouse wise stock level of an item considering all the stock transactions. With Actual Quantity of an item, it also provide other details.

Please refer the link below to learn more on the stock reports.

Hope this helps.

Waiting Qty is the quantity that is yet to come inward. For eg. You have created a Purchase Order with quanity 2 of Item A. The quantity 2 will go into waiting quantity since an order for incoming stock has been placed. Once the stock has come in through some stock entry or receipt or invoice, the quanity 2 will move from waiting qty to actual quanity.