Some questions about erpnext

Hi Dears
i have some Questions about erpnext
1- why i can’t see employee calendar and to-do list
2- if i send some thing in chat how the user should know that i send something in chat
3- notes for examples BTW if i added images in note and choose kanban View i should see the images
4- if users add tasks in project i can’t see there tasks

Brother, these questions are generic high level statements. On this forum, if you specify what you did, put those Screencast and then specify challange you facing… Community might be able to help.

If you ask generic like…

How will someone in community understand what you did and on which screen you facing issue?

You have to assign those task to respective users from left panel, assign section to make it appear part of their todo list.

thank you for your replay
why i can’t see employee calendar and to-do list
for example
i can add appointment and tasks in calendar and all users can do this too
me as administrator why i can’t see there calendar tasks and appointments like odoo and vtiger