Some questions on customization

Hi everybody

I’m new to ERPNext and I’m trying to make some customizations to some forms. I came across some (probably pretty easy or even dumm) questions:

  1. I sell toys. In toys one of the most important specification is the age rating.
    Examples would be: 6+ years; 5-7 years; 1-10 months; 1 week to 3 months
    I’m trying to figure out a way to add a field (or some fields) where I could gather the age range.
    The next step would be a possibility to filter on the age.
    Any ideas how I could get something like that to work?
    I also need to add that I have no developer skills at all.

  2. Is there a possibility to order the list view from within the list view? (Same as in an normal file manager.)

  3. Is there a possibility to get a button in the detail view to skip to the next dataset? (Instead of going back to the list view and then choosing the next dataset.)

  4. I added a “logo”-field on the supplier-form just like the “image”-field on the item-form.
    It was so easy to do that I asked myself why it wasn’t a default in the first place. Is there a good reason I shouldn’t do that?

  5. I also checked “In list view” and ERPNext told me it wasn’t allowed. Why is that so? (It actually workes like a charm!)

So I hope somebody can help me with that!


Hi @frehu01, wellcome to ERPNext forums!, see my answers in line

Again, Wellcome to ERPNext forums! And Enjoy!

Hi @max_morais_dmm

Thanks for your reply!

I thought about that but that would give me an awfull lot of options to cover all possibilities:
52 weeks + 12 months + 99 years
Any other ideas?

Yes, I’m using that at the moment. But is there a way to change this ordering temporary? So when somebody would like to change the order (for any reason).

Perfect! Thanks!

Thanks a lot for your kindness and help!


@frehu01 I dont know if Item Variants can solve it to you!

Dont have another sort order in the box today!

Yeah we will put logos on Supplier / Customer in the next update!

You can try codifying your items so that they include the age in the ID, like BRICKS-A57 (will say its bricks for age 5-7) or use custom fields to differentiate.

What is the use case, we had that, but since very few users used it, it was removed

Dear @max_morais_dmm and @rmehta

Thanks a lot for your answer and help!

Hm… If I’m understanding you right you would make variants for each age of each toy. Wouldn’t I end up with a huge amount of variants of items? Or do I understand you right?

Great! :smile:

Use cases I came across:

  1. I wanted to open an item and by accident clicked on the next item. Instead on going back and then choosing the right one you could just click on the “Next item”-button.
  2. I want to make a certain change in a lot of items. For example I imported all items via csv. This didn’t have the images included. So now I’m going to each item and upload the image.

Could you explain how you would do that?
Lets say you have 3 toys. If I’m understanding you right it would look like that:

  • bricks for age 5-7 (ID = BRICKS-A0507)
  • toycar for age 5-12 (ID = CAR-A0512)
  • puzzle for age 6-10 (ID = PUZZLE-A0610)

For a 6 year old kid all of these toys are well suited. So when I search for 06, they should all show up. But they wouldn’t. Or am I misunderstanding you?

Until now my only really more or less working idea is to have categories (0-1, 1-4, 4-6…) and choose all corresponding. So for a 5 year old kid I could filter by the categorie 4-6. Then of course I would still also get all toys for the 4 and 6 year old. Not the silver buffet.

So still open for ideas… :smile: