Some questions on Variants

Hello all,

Is there any description on how to use this feature in the documentation. I have not been successful in finding anything?

With the transition to version 5 each item record now warns me to set “No Copy” or else the item record is only a template and can’t be used in transactions even without selecting Variants. Where is the “No Copy” selector?

After, in fact, implementing variants in version 4 by using multiple item copies with appropriate item_code suffixes, is there any easy way to migrate hundreds of items, all with BOMs, to the new variant form?


More on the Variant feature:

After 30 minutes of trial and error, I now understand how this works. The Variant feature is an automated record multiplier which in the end establishes the exact method I was using in Ver4 to implement variants. Each variant is actually a full blown item on its own with a separate BOM for each variant item.
There is an added “cost” of the template record.

Actually, using the new variants feature will save a few minutes in creating a new product with more than just a several variants. However I prefer to stick to my previous implementation as the coding structure is slightly different.

It would be nice if the variant delimiter in the item_code would be selectable in Stock Setup. I prefer a back-slash to a hyphen for example.

The remaining issue is that all my old records have a warning line at the top of the form

This Item is a Variant of test501 (Template). Attributes will be copied over from the template unless 'No Copy' is set

The record in which the warning appears has no connection whatsoever with the "test501"mentioned. Other functionality is normal - In the item list “Status” of these records shows “Active” and not “Template”. They are also available for transactions, however, in the form view there is a warning.

All together a welcome method of implementing variants in a flat items table. Great stuff!!


This message must appear only if variant_of for that item is set as test501. Can you please check and let us know. Could be a bug.

@davidgal Also we have improved Item Variants. The System shall have a manage variants document where in you can select the variants against an Item. System shall also allow you to rename the variant code from manage variants. This Feature is developed and under testing you can expect us to release it soon. We have also updated our manual and it will be live with the release.