Some time my erpnext server is getting hang and after few minutes its working but very slow

i have remote erpnext server in VM, some time server get hang and page can’t display, but after few minutes it work but very slow. anybody have idea.

Not sure if you have done this since you did not state this in your problem statement, I assume you haven’t.

The default ERPNExt installation only have one GNUWorker Unit.

You may want to increase the number of server threads by configuring the Gunicorn Workers.

For more information , read this: Increasing number of gunicorn workers - #5 by vaibhavk

Also please check the internet bandwidth at both ends. Even on virtual server sometimes we face problem, not because of the software but sudden fluctuation on internet.

Good Day

We had the same issue for more than 2 months when we also read that we need to increase the:
gunicorn workers and like magic all was working great.

Hope this helps you.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser