Some timeline issues

Hi all, I’m currently looking at implementing ERPnext at our company, and one thing that is stumping me is seeing all of the linked documents. For example:

A Sales Order is created, and Purchase Request generated from it. Purchase Order is generated from the request, and a Purchase Receipt is generated from the PO.

If you look at the “Links” from the Sales Order, It will show the Purchase Request. But, if you look at the Purchase Request, it will not show the Sales Order.

Is there any way to make the Links show this?


Yes, we observed this also. I imagine you mean from the Menu → Links

We would expect also in the sales invoices, to have linked the DN and SO, but somehow the linking is only forward, not backwards.

Also, this linked information is quite relevant, in our opinion maybe should be directly in the document detail, maybe under “more details”.


@Christopher_Gregory_ this Sales Order link is already in the Material Request item table.

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Yes, we saw it now… why not globally under links? Beacause the one-to-many possibilities of erpnext?

That is considered data within the document, so not technically “linked” but yes, we can show that too.

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