Some website questions

At the moment I use WordPress for my websites however because there is no integration with ERPNext and WordPress I was debating if to use the website function in ERPNext but I have some questions.

  1. ERPNext allows you to create more than one company can you create more than one website as each company will need one

  2. Can you create a membership site?

Also, can I sell events?

@Softwareprofs two separate instances can be created as frappe is multitenant

member ship site? can u elaborate your use case

@khushal_t I only want one install as one allows me to have multiple companies but does it allow me to have more than one website ?

A membership site allows members to access certain content and products

Also I want to be able to sell tickets to events is that posssible ?

You can hack Frappe to have multiple websites in one setup. Have a look here:

Thank you for your reply I may of used the wrong wording. I am on the cloud plan

@Softwareprofs I guess you want different view on the same instance is that so??

@khushal_t I want to be able to have more than one website on the cloud subscription plan I have