Someone knows how to hide a column for a doctype in list view? [from code]

Anyone knows a way to hide a column for a doctype table?

I could to hide fields in form view, but I don’t know how to hide fields (columns) in list view.

Thanks for the help…

You can go to menu->customize. Select the field which you dont want to be shown in list view. You need to uncheck the checkbox “In List View”. The column will be shown.

Hi @kothagunda

I forgot to say I want to hide from code and not from UI. :smiley:

Thanks in advanced


This works for the form view, not the list view

Did you find a solution?

@tomf Edit the field that you don’t want to show in the list view and uncheck the following box.

@kid1194 forgot to mention, I need the column to be accessible in Code ( to be able to work with the data, but don’t want it to show up in the List

@tomf Do you mean you don’t want it to show in list and form but be accessible in code. If that so, make it hidden.