Sorry, we will be back soon. After database restore through bench restore

I have recently installed ERPNEXT it was working fine until I restored a database using this command (bench force restore), however restoring of database was successful but when I tried to access ERPNEXT it brought me to the page Sorry! we will be back soon. Please help me what seems to be the problem? I have installed ERPNEXT on ubuntu 18.

Did you do bench migrate after that. And then restart mysql if required. Also check if your site has gone into maintenance mode. I think command is bench --site {site name} maintenance-mode off


Looks like its: bench set-maintenance-mode off` From


thank you for answering. Actually I am a novice both in erpnext and using linux. I didn’t knew that after restoring the database I had to run (bench migrate) command. I tried switcting the maintenance mode from off to on and the page which was showing sorry we will be back soon disappeared and now I am getting internal server error. Can you please guide me through step by step how to restore a database.

I switched maintenance mode from off to on and the page which was displaying sorry we will be back soon disappeared but instead of that know I am getting an internel server error there is no error number just an internel server is displayed.

Restart mysql.

If you want to access your site, maintenance should be off.

did the restart but still getting the error. INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.

How do I make a doctype, through which I can make a copy of the database through the bench commands, and also restore the copy of the same doctype at the same time