Sorry we will be back soon

hi every one <<when i try to open my erpnext site on browser i get the error that says
sorry, we will be back soon
so is there any fix to this beside doung bench migrate or update because it doesnot work

Just about any kind of server side failure can make that message appear.

You need to be much more specific about the circumstances at the time it appeared if anyone is going to be able to help you.

actually we were trying to look for the files in the system and install ubuntu gui to to take a copy of the files >>any way that is the log right now shows

All ERPNext log directories look like that.

so how i get the log of this error

  1. Stop the bench
  2. Delete (or move) all those files
  3. Restart the bench
  4. List the files to see their sizes
  5. Reload the browser page
  6. Study the files that grew larger since reloading the page.

In my opinion, thinking that those steps are necessary is a completely basic, minimum, common sense debugging skill. That’s also true about understanding that no one can help at all until you provide clear information about how you arrived at the problem and the steps you have taken to solve it.

So I really wonder if you are the right person to be doing this.

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